Welcome To Swedish Royal Bakery

Since 2003, we’ve been serving customers in the San Diego region with delicious, fresh baked goods, specializing in wedding and other special occasion cakes. Make your party special with the most moist and beautifully decorated cakes around. we use for our baked goods only the freshest and healthiest ingredients.

While in the Poway District, please stop by for a treat, snack, or lunch. Or do what some people do and just stick your head in the door and enjoy the aroma of fresh baked cakes, cookies, breads and desserts.

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1. Stockholm Cake
Yellow Cake, Vanilla, fresh Strawberry

2. John’s Lemon Cake
Yellow Cake, fresh Lemon filling

3. Princes Cake
Combination Raspberry, Vanilla cream, Swedish Marzipan

4. Vienna Meringue Cake

5. Chocolate Cake

6. Queen Cake
Almond, Raspberry filling
Fresh Raspberry

7. Tosca Cake
Crunchy Caramel Topping, Almond Filling

8. Mocha Cake
Mocha and Chocolate Muse. Hazelnut Chocolate Truffle

9. Easter Cake
Nougat, Vanilla, fresh Fruits on Top

10. Christmas Cake
Almonds, Swedish Marzipan

11. Opera Cake
Mocha Cream, Chocolate Cream, Covert with Swedish Chocolate Truffle

12. Chocolate Cherry Muse
Chocolate Muse, Cherry Muse Covert with Swedish Chocolate

13. Mascarpone Cake
Italian Mascarpone Cheese, Coffee Flavour, Whip Cream

14. Royal Chocolate Cake
Raspberry Chocolate, Chocolate Muse, Swedish Chocolate. (Choice of: White Chocolate, Hazelnut Chocolate, milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate)

15. Pavarotti Wedding Cake

16. Royal Fruit Cake
Fruit filling optional, Royal Cream, fresh fruit on Top

17. Budapest Tort Cake
Peccant Walnuts, Whip Cream, Mandarin. (Gluten free)

18. Napoleon Cake
Royal Cream, Puff Party

19. Carrot Cake

20. Black Forrest Cake
German Chocolate